Vendor Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms of Service



1.1         These Terms of service are a contract between you and us

AXPRESS SHOP TRADING UNDER AXPRESS GROUP  (referred to as weusour) operates and provides the AXPRESS vendor platform (referred to as VENDOR PROGRAM ), offering Buisnesses and private sellers the opportunity to sell, promote their buisness/buisnesses in a platform that is a one stop shop for all consumers. in accordance with these Terms of service. If you join the program and become a VENDOR (a Vendor), these Terms will become a contract between you and us. We both need to comply with them. These Terms are effective as at 31/01/2020 and the laws of AUSTRALIA apply to these Terms.

You should regularly check these Terms, including before using any member benefits, as they can change over time.

1.2            Important things to know about participating in the Program


  • If you don’t comply with these Terms, we may cancel your membership and take other action we think is appropriate. 
  • In the course of operating  we collect and handle your personal information. This assists us in the membership join process, allocating of member benefits, promoting services and products offered by us, our partners, and providing a customised experience when you interact with the Site. You can read more about how we collect and handle your personal information, including sharing with others, in our Privacy Policy.
  • You consent to receiving marketing and promotional communications from us and partners by email, text message or other digital service we may use including phone or post, subject to our Privacy Policy and obligations under applicable laws. You can read more about our marketing practices in our Privacy Policy, including how to manage marketing communications preferences. You can unsubscribe from our contact list at any time using the “unsubscribe” facility in our electronic messages, by managing your contact preferences through your AXPRESS SHOP ACCOUNT when logged in or by contacting us.
  • Subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law  and to the extent allowed by law, we and our related companies, including AXPRESS GROUP  ALIMENTATION XPRESS, AXPRESS SHOP,   and their officers, employees, agents, exclude liability to you for any indirect or consequential loss (including economic loss, loss of profits and loss of opportunity), damage, claim or expense, you may suffer in connection with these Terms generally.

1.3          Vendor Plans


This section is what plans are available.


*PLEASE NOTE ALL PLANS INCUR A ONCE OFF $10 establishment fee ( referred to as a sign up fee)

1.4            What each plan offers.

  1. Below is a full break down on the fees and charges we will charge for you to sell with us on of the following plans

Payment Processing FEES:
HUMM: 6%

Afterpay 6%

PAY IT LATER: 5.9%+1.90

Payment Processing FEES:
HUMM: 6%
PAY IT LATER: 5.9%+1.90

*PLEASE NOTE ALL PLANS INCUR A ONCE OFF $10  establishment fee ( referred to as a sign up fee)

SHIPPING FEES: Vendor pays all shipping fees associated to their sales.

Rewards Program Fees: If a vendor wishes to opt into Rewards program they must advise us via email stating they wish to opt in to the rewards program. Fees for the rewards program are as follows.

1 point is equivalent to $0..025c  AUD.

For example: If a vendor chooses to accept the the rewards program feature for their account and they process $100 worth of sales they will incur a $10 deduction on their sale.

 Payment processing fees:
These fees are not charged by us but are charged via our payment processing facilities.




Sendle: We use Sendles automatic Plugin and any income from this accumulated from this will be forwarded onto the vendor. Please Note: Sendle is an Australian Based company and we strongly suggest that all Vendors sign up with Sendle , as their charges are realitivily lower than Australian Post and as such any costs will be returned to you the vendor For example:

Scenario 1:

Customer orders a chocolate bar, You the vendor charges $5.00.

You as the vendor has the rewards program.

So we would deduct the following:

-25c for points

customer checks out with direct deposit =0% fees

Vendor is on 1.9% commission

Sendle charges eg 40c to send to the customer.



Same scenario but as the client isn’t with sendle he chooses to ship with Australia post.

Customer orders a chocolate bar, You the vendor charges $5.00.

You as the vendor has the rewards program.

So we would deduct the following:

-50c for points

customer checks out with direct deposit =0% fees

Vendor is on 1.9% commission

Sendle charges eg 40c to send to the customer.

** Now axpressshops sending fee is only $0.40c but as the vendor is shipping with Australia Post they charge 0.90c to send the same bar.

So the return to the vendor would be:


Please Note fees and charges expressed in the above scenarios are just an example of what the vendor would receive back from their sale less charges and do not represent a particular and or a particular business and such are more examples used for demonstration purposes only unless stated under our fees and charges section.


1.6     Listing Approval

This section explains the How products are approved for listing per Terms of Service.

Approval with in 24 hours:

All plans are subject to a 24 hour approval. ( Unless your a buisness)

Automatic Approval

Automatic approval of listings is only available on the Emerald and Diamond Plan with Rewards for customers enabled.

Listing can be reviewed and or deleted prior to notice.

If we delete a vendors listing we will notify them via Email within 24 hours.

Listing  category’s can be changed without notice.

If you wish to enquire more please email us at:

1.7 Shipping your product to your customers


It is your responsibility to ship your own products to your customers.

1.8   Becoming a Vendor


Below is the process on how to become a vendor.

  1. Click on the Vendor Program Tab
  2. Choose which plan you wish to use,
  3. Click on the buy now.
  4. Once you are in the product page fill out the application form and submit. Then purchase the associated plan you wish to use. when purchasing plan please make sure you use the same email address used for the vendors sign up as to verify accounts.
  5. Once Purchased we will review your sign up. 
  6. You will receive an email saying we have recieved your application, in  this email you will have an option to change your password.

Once approved you can start selling Straight away.

To sell products:

  • Go to your  My account
  • Login with your credentials 
  • Click on Vendor Dashboard
  • Click on products, Add new, then fill in all the details as required. 
  • Click on Submit for a Review or Publish depending on your plan.
  •  If approval is needed your listing will be approved in 24 hours
  • if no approval is needed then your listing will be live straightaway.


Please note to protect our customers and our Platform it is a requirment that a vendor sends through their relevant bank details including BSB AND ACCOUNT number. This allows us to pay you our vendor any Money that is owed to you less our fees and charges as stated above. We will pay any remaining balance less fees and charges as applicable to you the vendor into your Nominated Australian Bank account Weekly on a Monday and Friday. Or unless stated above.

1.9 Your rights as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law


Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees known as consumer guarantees. We’ve included some examples below. Nothing in these Terms overrides or limits any rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law.

Any products you’re supplied must:

  • be of acceptable quality (i.e. safe, lasting, with no faults and they do all the things someone would normally expect them to do);
  • be reasonably fit for any purpose that the supplying business told you they’d be fit for and for any purpose you made known to the supplying business before they’re supplied;
  • match descriptions made by the supplying business;
  • not carry any hidden debts or extra charges; and
  • meet any extra promises made about performance, condition and quality.

Any services you’re supplied must:

  • be carried out with due care and skill;
  • be fit for the purpose or that you and the supplying business had agreed to; and
  • be supplied within a reasonable time.

It’s your right to ask for a repair, replacement or refund if the product or service you buy doesn’t meet a consumer guarantee. Your remedy will depend on whether the issue is major or minor. Consumer guarantees may not apply in certain situations (e.g. you got what you asked for but changed your mind, or misused a product or service in any way that caused the problem).

This is only a short summary of some of your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. It’s not comprehensive and isn’t legal advice. We always advise you seek legal advice before agreeing to any terms or conditions. 

You can learn more about your rights as a consumer by visiting the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website. The ACCC website has plenty of resources including guides in relation to your rights when buying products and services (e.g. consumer guarantees), unfair contract terms and unfair business practices.

2.0 Unauthorised use of your account

If you notify us of unauthorised use of your  account or we think your account may have been compromised, we may require you to create a new account or change your account details (or both). We may decide not to investigate unauthorised use or transactions until your new account has been created or your details are changed. 

2.1 When we can suspend or end your membership

If we think you’ve breached these Terms, we may:

  • end or suspend your membership;
  • cancel or refuse to honour any member benefits that you’ve redeemed or been provided with; OR
  • make any other decision or take any other action that we think is reasonably necessary in the circumstances.

If we intend to end your membership, we’ll give you at least 7 days’ prior notice requesting that you remedy any breach (if it can be remedied) and asking you to explain why we should not end your membership. We’ll take your explanation into account in making our decision.

Circumstances in which we may consider it reasonable to immediately suspend your membership without notice include if we:

  • identify or suspect potentially fraudulent or dishonest activity in connection with your account; or
  • suspect you’ve dealt with or attempted to deal with member benefits other than in accordance with these Terms (e.g. you’ve attempted to sell, transfer or otherwise deal with your or other member benefits in a way not permitted by these Terms).

2.2 How you can end your membership

You can end your membership at any time by giving notice to us by phone or email. If you end your membership, we’ll close your  account and you’ll forfeit all your member benefits. You can’t reactivate a closed  account and if you want to join again in future, you’ll need to create a new  account