About Us



2018 saw the Birth of Alimentation Xpress. A small family owned company who offers an exceptional high quality catering and event management service to its customers throughout Australia. Being a South Australian Family owned and operated business and having always used other family owned and operated Companies in South Australia as a network, as they believed in supporting and maintaining local jobs.

In 2019 Alimentation Xpress wanted to offer more to their customers and the family came up with an idea to expand into wholesale.
Expanding into a wholesale company Alimentation Xpress came to the realization that the only way to truly move forward was to reach out to other family run businesses throughout Australia to utilize handmade, homegrown and family based businesses to support the growth of “the family buisness” in Australia. Reflecting on their foundations of supporting local they partnered with their first interstate family buisness to stock a family traditional home made sauce after showing there support Alimentation Xpress then became the South Australian distrubutor.


March 2020 COVID-19 hit Australia and as the virus spread Alimentation Xpress had to cease its Catering and events management operations.Social distancing sadly became law and more people self-isolated, it limited alot of people from doing a simple thing like visiting the shops. Basic Meat and Veg became hard to purchase.


Remembering many conversations with their general public customers asking for the savings that the wholesale customers received the family had an idea and……….


AXPRESS SHOP  was born. Alimentation Xpress products and Wholesale algamated with Axpress Shop and became the one stop shop for EVERYONE…..

Axpress Shop offers the top-quality Products that Its parent company Alimentation Xpress use in there Catering Company and products that Alimentation Xpress Products and Wholesale supply.

Plus a whole lot more, so that all of your shopping needs are met on one site.


Top Quality products, fresh produce and a high standard of customer service is still offered with our online shop as we strive to provide only the BEST.

Keeping inline with supporting local buisnesses Axpress Shop also offers a vendor program also known as a vendor shop, allowing not just buisnesses but private sellers as well including start-ups the opportunity to sell their services/ products online. Creating Adelaide’s first TRUE ONE STOP SHOP.  This platform offers vendors the opportunity to List their products, set their own prices discounts and more within their own Dashboard.



Oh your going to have to follow our journey to wait and see, BUT ITS GOING TO BE EPIC…